Felix Seuffert 2014 Cinematography Reel

Port Nolloth: Between A Rock And A Hard Place

Director: Felix Seuffert / Edit: Anna Telford / Production: Butterfly Films
The South African diamond mining town of Port Nolloth has run out of diamonds. We follow three of its inhabitants to find out what’s left of the diamond fever: Nick, the shady ex-mayor who was charged with illegal diamond trading; Derrick, a taxi driver trying to get on his feet after being convicted for smuggling and Geoffrey, an ageing diamond diver, still waiting to hit the jackpot.


Director: Simon Wood / Edit: Khalid Shamis / Production: Saltpeter Productions
Forerunners soulfully explores what it means to be black and middle class in South Africa today. At the frontier of unprecedented social change, Miranda, Mpumi, Martin and Karabo are part of the first generation of black South Africans to rise from poverty and join the country’s ‘middle class’. ‘Forerunners’ has won a SAFTA for best Cinematography in a Documentary Feature and Best Cinematography at UNAFF.

Siemens: Letter to Semy

Corporate Film: Siemens
Directors: Anna Telford & Felix Seuffert / Edit: Anna Telford / Production: Butterfly Films
Due to the lack of proper education in rural South African Mvezo, Nelson Mandela’s birthplace, Priscilla has no choice but to send her daughters to Cape Town for schooling. Meanwhile she does her bit building a new school to spare other families being separated. ‘Letter to Semy’ has won a European Excellence Award for best Corporate Film.

Madecasse: Bean to Bar

Corporate Film: Madecasse
Director: Navdip Dhariwal / Edit: Carol Howell / Production: Miran Communication
This Film explores Madecasse’s production of organic chocolate in Madagascar. The company is the only chocolate maker that produces ‘bean to bar’ in Madagascar.